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Tammilee and John
Blog Owner

We have a huge love of travel and try to get out of town as often as possible. The only way we are able to do this is with couponing and shopping the sales. We set aside a portion of our coupon savings towards travel. We have been blessed to go on many cruises together and continue saving towards our next cruise.
Our goal is to help everyone save as much money as possible on the things you need so you can save for your next cruise vacation! We are truly hooked on cruising. Our first cruise was our honeymoon to the Mediterranean Sea. We were hooked within the first few days on the boat. Since then we have cruised the Baltic Sea and the Caribbean. We are really excited to share our love of cruising with everyone.
Nanci and John
Blog Contributors and Tammilee’s Parents
Nanci and John are my parents and the people who started our love of cruising. They recommended that we go on a cruise for our honeymoon. My parents have been cruising for years and have been to some truly amazing places on cruise ships. They will be sharing their trips to Antarctica, across the Atlantic Ocean, Panama Canal, and so many other amazing ports with everyone. They are fountains of knowledge on cruising, travel and living frugally to save money for travel. I am so lucky to have parents that inspired us and motivated us to start cruising.